Many of our paper writers have worked in university centers as writing consultants.  So we want to allow them to share the valuable information they have acquired over the years, writing essays, with you.  One of our writers, Sandra, was kind enough to write the following, which is very helpful information.

I worked for my University’s Writing Center as a writing consultant during my senior year of college to write. This was the hubbub for people of all majors to come and pay for help with any writing assignment. In fact, we didn’t even care if you were in college as we took anyone who needed help getting their thoughts on paper.

The most common request was copyediting. This is not what writing consultants do; this is what copyeditors do. If you are looking for help with grammar and spelling, look in the other direction, as consultants really don’t have the time – or patience – to work on this kind of nitty gritty grind work.

But we will help you write and write a paper for you. Writing consultants are writers for hire.

And here is a compilation of essay tips I’ve gathered from my experience and fellow writing consultants.

1) Read the Paper Out Loud

Simple, yes. But easy? Not so much. Reading out loud is arduous at best, and is the hardest part for even the most experienced writer. But if you read aloud, you can hear the flow (or lack thereof), and can easily find typos or grammatical errors that just don’t stand out from staring at the screen and blinking cursor. As Annie Proulx says, “If you read it out loud and its sounds ghastly, it probably is.”

2) Make An Essay Outline

We’re not really trained to make outlines in school these days, but for some people this method is a lifesaver. You can also try clustering your thoughts to make sense of all of your ideas. Once you have them separated, arrange them in some kind of order: chronological or thematically. The point is to establish a flow for your paper so recurring thoughts don’t come back and make your argument or thesis circular. And speaking of theses…

3) Construct a Strong Thesis Statement

This is the main idea of your topic that helps propel you into the content and context of your essay. If you start with a strong idea, chances are you will come up with some strong content. Make sure you have a focused sentence that clearly defines your subject matter, and flesh it out in no more than five lines if you can.

4) Get Help! Don’t write a paper by yourself when you can get helpful tips 

Getting someone to help you with your writing is not cheating.  Use our resources, tips, and writers to assist you when you have an assignment to write.